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    David Young

      I have a set of work orders that are broken down into the following categories:


      Age of the Work Orders by Trades


      Trade      0-29     30-59     60-89     90+





      The work orders can have various status but what I would like is a count of work orders in each of the 4 groups based on total new, and working.  The other item is I only want work days which I believe is use the networkdays command.


      Any help would be grateful.



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          Rohit Koul

          You can use Interval match function for the same.

          or attach a sample data

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              Jonathan Dienst



              You can do it in a table/chart using 4 expressions:


              Count(If(Today() - WorkOrderDate < 30, '0-29', WorkOrderNo))

              Count(If(Today() - WorkOrderDate >= 30 And Today() - WorkOrderDate < 60, '30-59', WorkOrderNo))

              Count(If(Today() - WorkOrderDate >= 60 And Today() - WorkOrderDate < 90, '60-89', WorkOrderNo))

              Count(If(Today() - WorkOrderDate >= 90, '90+', WorkOrderNo))


              (change the fieldname to match your data model).


              This method hard codes the intervals. You could simplify this if in your load, you create a WorkOrderAge field. or interval match the ages.