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    Governance Dashboard in Multiserver Configuration



      I have multiple servers running on different machine. (Server and Publisher) My question:-


      1. Can I place the Governance dashboard in a network path? (\\fileserver\shared\Governance Dashboard.qvw)

      2. Do I need to install Governance dashboard in both QVS and Publisher? (both in different machine)

      3. My QVWs are stored in a network path, and the reload stuck/hang when it try to scan the folder. I'm using 1.1SR1 (which should solve the UNC path problem)

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          Tyler Waterfall



          1. The Governance Dashboard qvw and profile folders (config, QVX_LastRun, QVD_Historical) can all be placed on a network path.

          2. The Dashboard must be installed on every server where it might be reloaded -- i.e. if you are reloading it using Publisher, you should install the Dashboard on all QDS servers that might reload the qvw.

          3. If you are scanning QVWs across a network, you will experience some slowness due to latency and moving data across the network.  The actual reload time will depend on network speed, but even more so on the size and quantity of files (QVW and log files) you are scanning. Can you describe a little what "stuck/hang" looks like? (for example, it keeps running after 90 minutes or 2 hours... or I get an error message...)