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    Doubt about Connectors Development

    Joffre Mota

      Hi all!


      We've developed a connector to make database's connection more secure. This connector saves the connection string on windows registers as a cryptographed value on HKEY_CURRENT_USER > BI_Conn > String directory.

      Before this connector, the connection was made with an UDL file that was read on the same folder as the Extraction and Transformation files, making the database accessible by anyone, because with notepad is possible to edit the UDL files and see the user/password configured.


      According to the document QVX SDK Instructions, section 3.6 Install the Connector, developed connectors runs only under a 32 bits platform.


      Here are my doubts:

      1. Is there any undocumented way to make it run under a 64bits platform?

      2. Could you please suggest any other way to make the connection secure?


      Thanks in advance.

      Best regards,

      Joffre Mota