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    How do I visualize interpolation in scatter charts?

      Dear support team!

      scatter chart.png

      Above is a QlikView scatter chart showing on the x-Axis "waste generation per capita" and on the Axis the "recycling rate" .

      Each colour of the bubble refers to one country. Below the x-Axis is the animated year dimension.


      Could you help us with the following limitations:


      1. When starting the animated year dimension all bubbles return after each value (year) to the value zero. What programming is necessasry the values are shown year by year?


      2. How do I programme that there is shown a interpolation between the single values of a country, when running the animated year dimension?


      3. Is there a possiblity to include another dimension (total waste generated in tonnes) which is shown in bubble size?


      Thank you in advance!



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          Michael Solomovich



          First, there is no "support team" here, just a community.  That is, you're the member of this team as everyone else.

          Next, about the questions.

          1. Can't answer without seen the application.  If the "animation dimension", Year in your case, has non-0 values, there shouldn't be a problem.  If you upload the application, I'll be able to help.  Or somebody else of the "support team" .

          2. Not sure what you mean here, sorry.  May be you want to select a country or two and run animation?

          3. It is possible.  Add the third expression to the chart to calculate total waste in tones.  And, select chart style that shows different bubble types (it is obvious on the Style tab).