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    How to capture object maximized, minimized status to conditionally show/hide another object(s)

    Nakul Navre

      Hello QlikView Experts,


      My humble beginnings with QlikView application development has brought me to this interesting situation. I have to create an application that should have 2 pivot tables in a single tab. But the Textboxes, current selection box etc should show selections exclusively for each pivot table selected. For this I have made use of alternate state and this works good so far.


      However, my second (and perhaps the only) challenge here now is how to dynamically show / hide the list boxes, selection box on this tab which will be based on the pivot table currently maximized?  Just so I am making sense here: Pivot1 when maximized should show textbox1 ,selection box1 similarly Pivot2 when maximized should show textbox2, selection box2 on that same tab and automatically must hide textbox1, selection box1 etc.


      I know this can be achieved using macros and I went through some forums to get around it too :- http://www.qlikcommunity.com/thread/10863 but I am not able to get the code to work.

      Any suggestions, help will be highly appreciated.