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    Let me know if I am right with CTE Web Ticketing

    Alberto Gugel

      Good evening community, I would like to check whether I actually understood how to use Web Ticketing or not.

      I have to deal with an external iPad CRM application which, at some points, has to let the user consult a QlikView document (at the moment there is only one document but in future they may increase in number) integrating it in its own layout. In particular, this app is responsible for authentication. In this scenario, I am planning to adopt the CTE (Custom Ticket Exchange) Web Ticketing to handle SSO from the external iPad app to the QlikView environment. As far as I understood, the authentication flow could be structured as follows:

      1. The user logs into the CRM iPad application
      2. The server side part of the app immediately calls GetWebTicket.aspx to get a ticket from the QlikView Web Server (the request contains the users's username and groups)
      3. The QlikView Web Server does not perform any authentication (it has basically delegated the external app) and produces the ticket while recording the association between the user and the freshly computed ticket, and sends it back to the CRM (server part)
      4. The CRM replies to the its client part with a positive login response containing the QlikView ticket information
      5. When the user click to access the QlikView document in question, the application makes a request containing the ticket
      6. The QlikView Web Server receives it and checks whether or not it is a valid ticket and which user it is associated with and uses this information to grant access to the QlikView document based on Document CALs assignment and section access (provided that NT users and app users coincide)


      Please, tell me if I misunderstood anything.