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    How to create a new column of data based on other columns (in the script)



      I was hoping someone could help with the following:


      I have attached sample data in an Excel file to show what I'd like to do.


      I have a set of files (about 20,000 rows worth) with four columns for four different staff shifts (First_Shift, Second_Shift, Third_Shift and Fourth_Shift).  Each column only has "data" (in text form) denoting if a staff member was utilized during that shift for that particular file date.  If no staff was used, then the cell is left blank.


      I would like to create an additional column that would aggregate all four shifts and total the number of "staff" used for that row (file date); each cell with content just means one staff member for that shift.


      I would also like to see if this could be done on the load script.


      Thank you in advance for the help!