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    I can't seem to get myText Object Image Conditional Expression right.

    Neena Bhattarai

      Currently I have a red arrow and green arrow but I do not want both of them showing. I want the red arrow to show when the current year is greater than the previous year 3+ Turnaround Days. I have the 3+ Day status in a text object as well and would like the arrow to pop up next to with the proper color. I downloaded a red and green arrow from the internet. I know I have to create a IF statement then <> sign between the two year values but how do I write in the expression for the arrows to show?



      Update: Here is the expression I am putting under the conditional option in the layout tab of the text object properties.


      if(count({$<[Ship Year] = { $(=Year(today()))}, [Turnaround Days]={'>2'}, [Facility]={'Alpharetta'}, [Status]={'Shipped'}>}distinct [Unique Order Key])/count({{$<[Ship Year]={$(=Year(today()))}, [Facility]={'Alpharetta'},[Status]={'Shipped'}>}Distinct [Unique Order Key])


      (count({$<[Ship Year]={$(=Year(today()))-1)}, [Turnaround Days] ={'>2'}, [Facility]={'Alpharetta'},[Status] = {'Shipped'}>}distinct [Unique Order Key])/ count ({$<[Ship Year] = { $ (=Year(today())-1)}, [Facility]={'Alpharetta'}, [Status]={'Shipped'}>}Distinct [Unique Order Key]),'IMAGE'))


      How do I incorporate my downloaded arrows to the "IMAGE" part?