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    Top 3 sales in Line chart

    Sushma RM



      please find the sample data 

      There are almost 40 rows in my table


      My dimensions will be quarter

      I wanted to create a line chart where in line for one customer based on sales should be default and I need 3 top Customers lines to be displayed


      please help me in creating Expressions for top 3 Customers





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          Sree Anarasi

          Hi I think u need to create an expression in such a way that nothing is selected  change ur expression to select 3 with rank funciton.

          for example if u have  Year, Quarter, Month  Date.

          Expression 1: select the top 3 values when year, quarter , date and month writing IF conditions. with rank<=3 expression

          Second. if they select anything from calendar try to  display all the values with regualt expression.


          If still u need some help post with a  sample QVW file with what  selections u want to display top 3  by default .



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            use calculated dimension like



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              Manish Kachhia

              If you want to show TOP 3   Customers for each Quarter... use below




              IF(Aggr(Rank(SUM(Sales),4),Customer, Quarter)<=3, Quarter)

              IF(Aggr(Rank(SUM(Sales),4),Customer, Quarter)<=3, Customer)

              Select Suppress When Value is NULL