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    conditional display

    vijeta sharma

      Hi, In chart I want to enable expression only for year which is not having whole 12 months data how can I write expression?

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          Amit Saini

          Hi Vijeta,


          You can exclude suppose for example Year 2014 in set analysis expression by using -= like below


          =Sum({<Year-={2014}>} Sales)




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            Sundarakumar Kalaimani

            From what i understood is, u have data year and month wise.. u need to show data year wise with a condition that the year dont have data for all the 12 months..

            groupd by data by year and count the number of months available for all years..

            then set a flag for the years that dont have data for all 12 months all the above steps in script.


            Then in ui write a calculated dimension or set alternate state to show only years that have a flag..

            If this is now what u require, pls explain..