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    Aggregation by Name

      Hi and thank you in advance for any assistance!


      I am currently attempting to create a chart to measure the number of different coaches that have coached advisors (grouped by sum totals) against the % of focuses that have improved (grouped by sum of total coaches and averaged by the count of each sum). I have been told that I need to create an aggregation for my "Num of Diff 1-2-1 Coaches" expression, so that I can set this as the dimension in my chart, but I've not used the Aggr function before and can't seem to figure it out.


      I hope this makes sense!


      The dimension is:


      Non-Group Advisors

      =IF([Prob Group]<>1 and [Est Group]<>1,[Advisor Name])



      The expressions are currently thus:

      Num of Diff 1-2-1 Coaches     

      Count({$<[Focus]-={1,2,29,30,31,40},[Est Group]={""},[Prob Group]={""}>}DISTINCT Coach)


      % of Focuses Improved

      Sum(Improved?)/Count({$<[Focus]-={1,2,29,30,31,40},[Est Group]={""},[Prob Group]={""}>}DISTINCT Focus)


      This produces this table (advisor names covered):


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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Sorry, I don't understand it. Perhaps you can post a sample document with data and an example calculation for an advisor.

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              Hi Gysbert,


              The document is pretty complex with a number of different tables feeding into it, so it would be rather difficult for me to create sample data to match.


              What I would like to have is the table pictured in the original post, but with the "Num of Diff 1-2-1 Coaches" as the dimension, rather than "Non-Group Advisors".


              The "Num of Diff 1-2-1 Coaches" looks at the number of distinct coaches that have coached each distinct advisor - this is calculated by doing a distinct count of the coaches names on each row for each advisor, excluding certain focus fields and (established/probationary) group session flags.


              The "% of Focuses Improved" expression takes the sum of the "Improved?" flag (if the advisor has improved, the column reads 1), then divides this by a distinct count of the foci used when coaching this advisor, e.g. if 4 different foci have been used when coaching the advisor and they have improved on 1 focus, the result will be 25%


              The resulting table should look something like:


              8          33.33%

              7          66.67%

              6          47.78%

              5          60.00%

              4          53.67%

              3          80.67%

              2          90.00%

              1          10.00%


              I hope this sheds a little light and I will see if it is possible to get some test data together at some point.

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                  Gysbert Wassenaar

                  So you want to use a calculated dimension. Be aware that those can be very costly in terms of performance.

                  Try: aggr( Count({$<[Focus]-={1,2,29,30,31,40},[Est Group]={""},[Prob Group]={""}>}DISTINCT Coach), [Advisor Name])

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                      Thanks Gysbert :-)

                      Managed to get to that bit myself (in the end) but now the tricky part is doing an average of the % improvements. I have been trying to do double aggregation to calculate the average of the % for the calculated dimension, but I'm stumped (as is my boss).


                      So, I need to now find the average % of focuses improved for each number that the aggregated calculated dimention holds, based on the total count of advisors that have had that number of coaches.


                      The closest I have gotten so far is this:


                      Sum (Improved?)/Count({$<[Focus]-={1,2,29,30,31,40},[Est Group]={""},[Prob Group]={""}>}DISTINCT Focus))
                      [Focus]-={1,2,29,30,31,40},[Est Group]={""},[Prob Group]={""}>}DISTINCT Coach),[Advisor Name]))


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                          Have now resolved final issue! (with help of a colleague)


                          Sum(Aggr((Sum (Improved?)/Count({$<[Focus]-={1,2,29,30,31,40},[Est Group]={""},[Prob Group]={""}>}DISTINCT Focus)),[Advisor Name]))

                          / count(aggr(Count({$<[Focus]-={1,2,29,30,31,40},[Est Group]={""},[Prob Group]={""}>}DISTINCT Coach),[Advisor Name]))

                          Many thanks for your assistance :-)