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    Set Analysis Question (Excluding Dimensions)

      Hi All!


      I have a question on how to make excluding of dimensions easier. I have this expression:


      =sum ({<Year={$(=year($(vMaxDate)))}>}Revenue)


      This gets the revenue for only the Year of the MaxDate. Let's say the maxdate is = 3/24/2014 so..


      =sum ({<Year={2014}>}Revenue)

      Take the Revenue for 2014. Now, Since I want to see it as a whole and not affected by every dimensions available.

      Let's say I chose a month dimension. I don't want it to be affected by the month dimension so I created a set analysis like this..


      =sum ({<Year={2014}, Month=>}Revenue)

      And then I don't want it to be affected by other dimensions. Do I keep including it to the set analysis or is there an easier way to do this?