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    Point in Time Analysis - Assigning verbalised labels for reporting year

      Wanting to do a table that has the current reporting year and the previous N years.


      Very Basic Straight Table



      Not a problem for the definition but with the label I can only think of using the following below which does but I was wondering if there was an easier or more elegant way.



      vDaytoDateReportingYear=DayNumberOfYear(Max({<Dimension_Category-={0} > } Date), 4)

      vCurrentReportingYear=Max({<Dimension_Category-={0} > } Reporting_Year)


      Expresion Definition


      =SUM({< DayOfReportingYear={"<=$(vDaytoDateReportingYear)"}, Reporting_Year={"$(=vCurrentReportingYear-3)"}, Fact_Count)



      Expression Label

      =FieldValue('Reporting_Year_Verbalised', FieldIndex('Reporting_Year_Verbalised', vCurrentReportingYear-3))




      Reporting_Year = 2014

      Reporting_Year_Verbalised = 2013/14