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    Qlik Map calibration problem

      Hi -


      While implementing a Qlik Map heat map I have found a problem that I'm wondering if there is a fix for.  My app allows for a user-selected metric.  In the attached example I have saved the starting metric as "Rating" which is a very small value (range 0.00-0.038) and it displays perfectly.


      Then I click the upper-right box to "Total AA," which has a much larger range, and it displays perfectly too.


      But when I switch back to "Rating" all of the mapping values disappear and now only Total AA works.


      If I close and restart the app it's OK until the next cycle.


      It feels as if Qlik Map is keeping the largest range and losing sight of the smaller values when the metric changes.  If I'm correct, is there a way to "reset" Qlik Map when the metric changes?