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    Offline Access of QlikView dashboards

    Bhaskar Sharma



      We would like to active offline access feature of QlikView dashboards so that users can access the dashboards even when they are not connected to the company network. I have gone through the Mobile Client Reference Manual (Dated September 2012) and have some queries I am looking for answers to:


      1.  The manual says that offline access works only when working on an iPad. Is there any change in the process as the manual is almost 2 years old now? Is it possible to use the offline access in laptops as well?


      2. Is the "QlikView apps" only way to access the dashboards offline? Or can they be accessed offline from other access points as well - like IE Plugin, Ajax (from a web browser)?


      3. Do we still have to create bookmarks for offline use, and update/replace the bookmarks every time we decide to go on offline - or there have been some improvements in the process?


      4. Are there any improvements in the limitations listed down in the reference manual two years back?



      Thank you for you help.