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      i have to give a filter of a month  and year only...that is if selects a year that is 2012 then he can click on either a year or a month to show him monthwise sales of 2012 or yearly sales of 2012

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          Srashti Srivastava


          it can be done by tree view  list box aur using multibox also.


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              this is not  a option as  i want to select a year first then i am having only two options either to click on year or month...so that i can see monthly or yearly sales of that particular year that i selected

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                  Hi Sanchit, You can have a drop down of Year and Month in a list box with "Always select one value" enabled.


                  use a inline table for this.



                  load * inline







                  In your chart have your year and month dimensions, but enable Conditional. and then have a condition like this.

                  SubstringCount(Dimname,'Year') > 0 in your year dimension


                  SubstringCount(Dimname,'Month')>0 in your month dimension


                  and well that should be it.




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                    Rohit Koul

                    Hi Sanchit,


                    a bit confused if you select Year first that means you are interested in that particular year then obvious you will go for months...


                    why you want first Year option then again Year and Month Option.



                    if i select 2012 among 2006 - 2012.


                    Months options which I should get : Jan, Feb & Mar

                    Years options which YOU want   ???? it obvious will be 2012 isn't it ?

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                  Can you add a sample file with small data?