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    Theme (Creation/Loading) Crashing Qlikview

      I have a document with a number of differently themed sheets. I am currently trying to save all the themes (backgrounds included) so that I can turn all sheets into one and navigate between the themed reports at the click of a few buttons.


      The majority of the themes (5 out of 7) have saved just fine, but when I attempt to save the List Box/Chart theme information over the Sheet/Background theme information (if the Sheet info is loaded first) or load the theme (if the List Box/Chart information is loaded first and the theme saves), Qlikview simply hangs and crashes.


      I have tried changing "Fill with Aspect" to "No Stretch" on the image and I have tried a completely different image - the only other differences between the sheets appears to be the Fields and Objects.


      Any ideas, please?






      Working Fields.JPG.jpg

      Working Objects.JPG.jpg


      Not Working:


      Not Working.JPG.jpgNot Working Fields.JPG.jpgNot Working Objects.JPG.jpgNot Working 2.JPG.jpgNot Working 2 Fields.JPG.jpgNot Working 2 Objects.JPG.jpg