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    set analysis problem

      Hi qlikview experts,

      I'm using a pivot table with two dimensions custumers and years for statistics as shown in the attached picture  ,I got to have the differnce between the year and the previous year in money and quantity , and im using this expression:for diff an-1 ..


      (sum({<[Ecriture_Article. Type]={1}>}[Ecriture_Article. Sales Amount (Actual)]+[Ecriture_Article. Sales Amount (Expected)])

      -sum({<[Ecriture_Article. Type]={1},[Année]={"$(= &Année) "}-{1}>}[Ecriture_Article. Sales Amount (Actual)]+[Ecriture_Article. Sales Amount (Expected)]))


      but it gives me 0 as result 

      thx in advance.