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    It is possble to split a stacked chart?

      Hi all,


      I am a beginer in Qlikview. Before using qlikview, I have experience using other data visualization tools.

      Given the following set of data, I know I can plot a stacked chart like the one shown below using qlikview. I am wondering if I can split the stacked bar chart to achieve the result shown in the second chart? I cannot figure out the way to do it so far, although this can be easily achieved using other tools. Thanks

      SalesRep Order No. Status                 Transaction Amount
      Mary      T000001      Cancelled           100
      Mary      T000002      Completed          100
      Mary      T000003      In Progress         100
      Mary      T000004      In Progress         100
      Mary      T000005      In Progress         100
      John      T000006      Completed           175
      John      T000007      Completed           175
      John      T000008      Completed            175
      John      T000009      Completed            200
      Peter     T000010      Completed            200
      Peter     T000011      Cancelled              200