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    Expression for Counting Certain Days

      Dear All,



      I have a requirement in which i have    Order Number,Order Date,Delivery Date and Department

      Suppose i Received 100 Orders on the Date 25-03-2014 and have different delivery dates  27-03-2014,28-03-2014...........31-03-2014

      Each day i may deliver different number of orders ,like on 27-03-14 i delivered 30 orders,next day i delivered 10 orders and so on ....

      on 31-03-2014 I may deliver 5 orders. So my 100 orders were Completed and i delivered all and Achieved 100%. But i want to know

      How Many Days it took me to achieve 95% i.e on which day i completed or the number of Days took me to deliver 95 orders.


      So how can i do this .



      I have attached the Sample Data and Applications.


      Thanks in Advance.


      Nikitha Jain M.B