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    ODBC or OLEDB for different BD: Oracle or Sql Server- Which is best?

      I have a qlikview document that I distribute to my customers. This document connect to database with ODBC, with a user and pwd.


      The conexion in the script is this:






      My customers may have sql server database or oracle database. Same database that me, same name and same tables. They create the ODBC with their user and password. Is possible that their password is different.


      When I send them my qlikview document and they reload directly, then reload doesn´t run. To resolve this, the customer create their self connection in the script with the qlikview destock.


      I want send them my qlikview document and that it runs and reload ok.


      Is it better use the OLEDB connection? How can I do to send them a qlikview document that runs and reload perfect?


      Thank you.