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    How can I allow multiple levels of access for a single user in the same app?

      When security rights are set to limit the user's view to his geography, we would like for the Peer Group Analysis to still reflect the average of all of the excluded geographies while still limiting to the security rights (geography) on all of the other objects in the QVW.


      For example,


      We are limiting Security Rights at the Region and SiteLocation levels, i.e. a member of the NORTH Region will only see the NORTH region in the Region selection box HOWEVER we would still like for him/her to see the average of all other Regions in the Peer Group Analysis section, i.e. NORTH's peer group will be the average of EAST, WEST and SOUTH in the Peer Group Analysis box. Currently the Peer Group analysis box does not populate (avg of EAST, WEST, SOUTH) when the Security Script is layered in to limit the view to just the NORTH region (security script is not layered into this example QVW but I hope that I've effectively explained the concept).



      How can we get the Peer Group logic to average the regions that are effectively excluded via the Security Rights profile for the user whose view is limited to just the NORTH region but still limit the view to just the NORTH Region's data for all of the other objects in the QVW?


      We would like to apply this logic to the Region, Plant and Rep data which ranges from 4 values to 600 values.  I'm noting this to point out that individual if/then statements might not be feasible for the Plant and Rep levels.


      Thanks for your help!