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    AGGR Function - how to use in this case

    Amir Vastani

      What expression would I use to remove the Region dimension and maintain the month-year and create a stack bar chart showing number of distinct Regions with Utilization in 3 custom buckets of <.75, .75<=x<0.9, >=0.9?

      I tried the Aggr function and it does not display anything.

      i tried





      error loading image




      (if(aggr($(veUtilization), Region, Country, [World Region],_MonthYear) < 0.75, 1, null())) and the similar for other buckets but it does not give the right results

      no worries, i figured it out. I had Country and pWorld Region dimensions that did not belong in there. Interesting how the aggr function worked when i had it in there.