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    Expressor QlikView connector error

      i create a dataflow in QlikView Expressor, the output of this data flow is QVX file. then i create a dashboard using à this QVX file right now all is ok but when i create à EXE from my Qlikview application and when i try to reload my data i got this error


      dataflow controller - ETASK-0017-N: Using Desktop license for QlikView Expressor Processor; resource utilization limited. (etask.controller)

      QlikView Expressor dataflow execution utility (etask) n (Build 26528) Dec  2 2013

      <task dataflow="Dataflow_New">

      <!-- project.home[(null)], project[test_validation_A] -->

      dataflow controller - ETASK-0074-F: etask is terminating due to 'EtaskException': (Dataflow_New.controller)

      dataflow controller - ETASK-0065-A: equal sign found in a step name, operator name or parameter value, these must be replaced with &eq; the full string was and (Dataflow_New.controller)

      dataflow controller - ETASK-0038-F: Processing has completed abnormally. (Dataflow_New.controller)



      CUSTOM CONNECT TO "Provider=QlikViewExpressorConnector.exe;Server=localhost;PackagePath=C:\Documents and Settings\Administrateur\Bureau\test_validation_A\DeploymentPackage_transformation;ProjectName=test_validation_A;ProjectVersion=0;DataflowName=Dataflow_New;UseParameterization=False;PromptForOverrides=False;XUserId=fQPODKC;XPassword=KLVCCQD;"



      can you tel me please what is the problem ?