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    Data Reduction

      Hi friends,


      Do we have any provision of data reduction in qlikview other than section access and publisher. ????


      Which can be useful while web page integration of qlikview document......


      Thanks in advance,

      Ramadasa Hegde

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          Tresesco B

          Not sure if you want this, File ->Reduce Data->Keep Possible Values.

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              Thank you tresesco for the reply



              but i was looking into following work flow,

              my work flow is
              i have integrated the documents in a webpage
              i want to use same username and passwords in qlikview doc also
              qlikview should identify the portal login and for same user it should reduce data.

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                  Fredrik Lautrup

                  This sounds more like you are looking for SSO with the portal i.e. you log into the portal and that user is then used in your app to do reduction on the data.


                  An approach to this is to do web ticket integration with the portal so that when you login to the portal you also login to QV and then use section access to reduce the data that user can view.


                  This would give you the functionality that the QV data that you embed in the portal will be reduced for the user accessing the portal.


                  Doing this type of integration will need custom code written for the portal you are using to cater for the login into the QV environment.