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    Set Analysis - Ignore a Group of Selections

      Hi all


      I have a table showing the capacity to carry out a number of surveys and the number of surveys planned.


      All surveys are planned to a JobID and there are numerous dimensions for a JobID that the user can select.  However, survey capacity is just a projected number ie. Surveyor A can do 10 surveys in a day (they are not pre-assigned to a JobID).




      When the user selects a JobID dimension I want the capacity to remain static.  I know how to do this using Set Analysis, but my question is whether you can group the JobID dimensions (for ease) instead of having to write the expression below


      Sum({$<MetricType={Capacity}, Funding=, JobStatus=, JobType=>}FactValue)


      The fields I have highlighted in red are the ones I would like to refer to as a single 'name', and then just add/remove fields from the 'name'


      Thanks in advance