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    Formula Problem (Set Analysis)

      Guys, good morning,


      I have an Excel file extraction from a financial parts that keeps repeating the same information in many lines in the first columns, and then the last columns it changes. I want to get the total for those first columns, so, I wrote this formula in my script:


      IF([Claim #]=PREVIOUS([Claim #]),'0','1') as UNIQUE_FLAG


      after that, I created this other formula to sum the total approved from the Claims:


      =SUM({<[UNIQUE_FLAG]={1}, [Status Claim] -={Cancelled}>}([Total Approved])*[Rate])


      Problem is, it seems it is getting always the double (as if it is sum when UNIQUE_FLAG = 1 and UNIQUE_FLAG = 0).


      When I choose for one single Claim, it becomes very clear that it's doubling the value.


      Can you guys help me out in this problem?


      I'll attach a pic of it...