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    Using Match() & OSUser() with an Excel File

    micro win



      I have my application where there is a Table that has the following fields:

      • Client              (Dimension)
      • Category         (Dimension)
      • #Attentions     (Expression)


      Each Client belongs to a particular Office where he works. That Office is a Field in my QlikView application.


      Today I got a Excel file with a list of Users that should have access to the Table depending on the Office they have assigned.

      For example, the file has the following columns:



      So the User1 should only see the information in the Table for the Clients that work in the Office1.


      The application has also many other objects which they will be visible for all the users. So I only want to filter  for that Table.


      Do you have any idea of how could I do this?


      1. Should I load the Excel file in my app?

      2. I need to apply the filter only in the Table. But should I apply it over the Dimension CLIENTS or in the Expression #ATTENTIONS? Because I don't want a User to see the CLIENTS from other Offices.

      3. I was told that I could use the functions Match() & OSUser(). How could I do this?


      Thank you!!!