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    How to "open in server" and specify user / password?

    Nicolas MARTIN


      When I open a QlikView document with VBS, I use the following script:



      Set myApp = CreateObject("QlikTech.QlikView")

      Set myDoc = myApp.OpenDoc("c:\my_folder\my_file.qvw")



      If I want to open a document on a QlikView server, I replace the filename by:




      If I do that, I have a popup that asks me the password for "user". This is normal.

      I'ld like to find a way to not be in front of my screen to type the password, to automate this script.

      I tried:


      but unfortunatly, it doesn't work (it asks me to type the password for the user "user:password").



      Could you tell me how I can connect to a QlikView server with a user (that is not on the same domain) and it's password?

      I have the same issue with OCX.