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    Distribution Service Source Folders - Long Path Name

    Paul Routledge

      The source folders for our distribution service have very long path names as the files are stored on a file server.





      So when we go to QMC Documents  - Source Documents tab the folders where the source QVWs are held have very long names and they are difficult to see.


      Even worse. When setting up a Remote Management Service and trying to map the Source folders (Between development and UAT environments) it is actually impossible to see the fill path name, the GUI won't allow it.


      Has anyone encountered this? Anyone got a work around or best practice?


      I don't understand where the source folders in the Distribution Service can;'t have an alias like the folder in the Qlikview Server can to abstract the source document folder names from the long physical paths of a network share. I think I will raise this as an Idea.


      I tried mounting the network share as a mapped network drive under Q: but with the Qlikview services running as service accounts they do not have access to mapped network drives.


      Here's and (obscured) image of our Source Documents folder showing the very long folder name including File Server Address, Sahre Name and Folder structure.