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    Issues with scroll position when bookmarking objects

    Alex Carlon

      Hello Qlik Community,


      My team and I are encountering some issues using bookmarks. I'd appreciate any help that you can offer.


      First off, we are using QlikView Enterprise Server 11.2 SR5 and QlikView 11.20.12018.0 SR 3


      Here is our issue:

           We have a qlikview file with several dozen sheets (approx. 40) with multiple chart objects on each. Since there are so many sheets and so many objects on each sheet, our users would like to bookmark specific objects so they can go straight to the chart/table they want to view without have to scroll. What we have found is that when a user creates a bookmark for an object down the page on a particular sheet, navigates to a new sheet, and then attempts to call the bookmark, it does not work. When calling a bookmark in this manner, the user is returned to the sheet for which they placed the bookmark, but not to the object. We have made certain to check the "Include Layout State" and "Include Scroll positions" options.


      Bookmark Options.png


      In another test of this issue, we've found that if the tabrow is present, these bookmarks work but only in a local copy. However, since we have 40+ sheets, this is not a practical view and thus have links between the sheets. None of the bookmarks work on our server.


      If anyone has any insight into what might be causing this issue and/or how to resolve it, we would greatly appreciate it.


      Thank you!