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    Logistic Question

    Mg Mg

      Hi, All.

      I need your assistant in creating a complex chart.

      In an automated logistic center, there is an important attention to the position of the product, in the warehouse, regarding where it positioned to the exit of the warehouse. these products are devide into 3 speed groups: 1,2,3 where 1 is the fastest to retrieve, thus the closest to the exit of the warehouse.


      my (example) script:

      set ItemID=Round(rand()*10000); //where ItemID is the ID of the product

      set ItemSpeed=round(rand()*2)+1; //where ItemSpeed is the speed group of the product, thus the frequency it used.


      $(ItemID) as ItemId,

      $(ItemSpeed) as ItemSpeed



      this gives me 10000 products (ItemID's) where each product has a speed (ItemSpeed).

      there can be several products of the same ID (ItemID), i,e: 50 pencils of the same ID, and several speed to the same product. this can happend over time where the customer does not follows its own product speed group or the item/product frequncy (selling) in lower then expected.


      a listbox of ItemID shows all products ID and the frequency.

      in order to get frequency groups, i used aggr(count(ItemID),ItemID).

      this give me a dimention (X axis) of 1 to 6.

      the expression is count(ItemID).


      i have created a listbox of the ItemSpeed, thus it shows 1,2,3.


      when i select a frequency group, i.e 4, in the chart,

      i get all product that have frequency of 4 in the listbox,

      and the list box of ItemSpeed shows my all group speed.

      thats fine.


      but my problem is, that when i now select a specific speed group (that did shown in above), the calculation of the frequency group, i.e aggr..., changes to.


      how can i prevent the recalculation of the frequency group (aggr...)?

      i have tried with set analysis, same result - recalc.


      attached is my example.