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    Problems assigning CPU affinity setting for cluster with different CPU counts

      My issue is that QMC shows only a number of tick boxes in System -> QlikView Servers -> Performance, but this number is lower than some of my servers have cores (some have more than others) and I can see that QlikView server doesn't use all of the cores but instead follows the number of tick boxes on that setting page.


      How QMC decides how many tickboxes it shows and is there a way to force it show them all so that I could get all of the cores in use for all of my servers?


      Another option I thought of was to change this setting manually in QVPR, but could not locate the table where this information is stored. Where is this is information stored and can I update it manually?


      PS. The number of tick boxes seem to change every now and then. Sometimes there's the lowest amount of cores in the cluster servers, sometimes something in between but so far I haven't had a situation when there was the highest amount of cores.