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    OID Generation Failed

    Vamshi Tataipelli



      I am getting this general error for some tasks very often.

      Error: SQL##f - SqlState: S1000, ErrorCode: 21561, ErrorMsg: [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-21561: OID generation failed


      But when i re-run the task after some time it is working fine. Can anybody help me in hot to fix this issue?

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          Bill Markham



          I'd suggest you seek the advice of your Oracle DBA.



          Best Regards,     Bill

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            Fernando Keuroglian

            As Bill said its look like an internal error in some id in the database , and it is strange that happend some times yes, and others not.


            try to execute the same sql when the error ocurrs in qlikview and see what happend, pherhaps in sql ambient would be the same error at the same time



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              This error message is only what we get from the SQL database, and not a QlikView generated error.

              As suggested, check communities and Oracle for suggestions to fix problem.


              Found this after a quick search:

              Check the client's /.../hosts file and verify that the local node is correctly identified with a mapping for both the short and fully qualified name of the host.

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                Frédéric Villemin


                it's the same for me and it only happens with Qlikview.

                So it's probably a database issue but also maybe a database issue coming from QVConnect.


                We have discovered that when our server has not enough memory (less than 4GB out of 64GB), it may crash with database errors like Connection Failed probably because of QV Connect. The database is fine and everything's running correctly every where except with Qlikview.


                Difficult to make a case because it's a random error. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't ...