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    Creating A Bar Chart - Trouble w/ data structure

      I am trying to make a candle stick chart of sorts with high and low daily prices. The problem is writing the expression equation.  There are three columns of of interest in the table: Date; TYP; PX.  Whenever TYP column is 7 the price for that day is the high price.  Whenever TYP is 8 the price for that day is the low price.  I am using the date as the dimension.  There are no missing values so for the top of the chart I was using:

      if(if(TYP=7,PX,0) > if(TYP=8,PX,0),if(TYP=7,PX,0),if(TYP=8,PX,0))

      and for the bottom

      if(if(TYP=7,PX,0) < if(TYP=8,PX,0),if(TYP=7,PX,0),if(TYP=8,PX,0))

      but this seems very inefficient and is not producing any output. 

      Any way to simply or make this work? Much appreciated.