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    Autogenerate inside Loop

    Atsushi Saijo

      Dear Gurus,


      I stumbled in a requirement where I must autogenerate NoOfRow() inside loop.


      Specifically, this application is used as a source file for labels. The user put an excel file, where [a.] part number; [b.] Maximum number of labels to print.


      Part NumberMaximum Number of Labels


      The script should produce such result:

      A     1

      A     2

      B     1

      B     2


      B     5

      C     1

      C     2

      C     3


      [Attempted Script]

      I have initially authored such script:


      //Initial Load

      T1: Load [Part Number] as P#, [Maximum Number of Labels] as Max from (Source Excel);


      //Getting maximum number of rows in the source file

      Let noRows = NoOfRows('T1')


      //define loop condition

      for i=0 to $(noRows)-1

           Let a = peek ('P#', $(i), 'T1');

           Let b = peek ('Max', $(i), 'T1');


      //Generate serialised number

      T2: Load RowNo() as Serial Autogenerate $(b),





      However; it seems $(b) is not passed. Just error and stops execution.


      I would appreciate for any help on this script.