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    Check if value is in a listbox



      I have a ListBox with values:






      I have a chart with many expression:

      exp1 is show when value1 is cheked

      exp2 is show when value2 is cheked

      exp2 is show when value3 is cheked


      everything works when I have only 1 value checked in the listbox, but when there is more then 1 value checked the chart is empty.

      I would like that if I check value1 and value2, exp1 and exp2 are shown


      as Conditional expression (for expX) I use

      - ListBox='valueX'

      - =if(match(GetFieldSelections(ListBox),'valueX'),1,0)

      - =count({<ListBox = {'ValueX'}>}  valueX)


      but all of them give me the same problem....


      Some Idea?