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    Possible Set Analysis question

    David Young

      I have a question on Set Analysis and I believe it might solve my next challenge.  I have the following data set:


      Product Line












      I have the following information on my client list:


      Product Purchased     Client     Purchase Date

        A                                   1          1/1/2013

        B                                   1          2/2/2013   

        D                                   1          5/13/2013


      Now I have all of the above information for 4500 Clients that Purchased A as their first purchase.


      What I want to determine is the following:

      1.  How many clients that Purchased A first purchased B second, A first then C, A first then D, until I get all the combinations.  So the results would be:


      Product               Total Number

      A and B                    10

      A and C                    8

      A and D                    7


      2.  Other piece is how many days was it between the purchase of Product A and B, A and C, A and D, etc. 


      I would like to keep this simple with 2 product combinations even though their is a possibility that a client could purchase A, B, C as their first purchase and D as their 2nd.  If this cant be done that is fine.  I am thinking I might have to break this up into to different Set Analysis Charts.  Thoughts are welcome.