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    Disaster Recovery

    Daniel Baksa

      Currently I have QlikView Enterprise running on a single server. For our purposes and our volumes this is working well.


      We are looking at building a Disaster Recovery box for fail over. I have searched the community and have not seen a best practice solution for this situation. If there is one I probably just looked at the wrong posts.


      I believe the challenge will be the Publisher tasks and migration of the QVPR to the D.R.server keeping the production server and the D.R . box in sync.


      I know the host name is now buried in the QVPR library and the XML will require host name modification. In addition I'm guessing there may be a few configuration files (INI, E.T.C.) that will require modification.


      I'm looking for best practices on Disaster Recovery or suggestions on how to sync Publisher between two server. I'm assuming I can construct a robot job to copy source documents and the QVPR between servers nightly and transform the host names in the QVPR of the DR box.


      Has anyone done this before or is there a better solution for this scenario.


      Thanks in Advance,

      Daniel Baksa


      Baksa Consulting, LLC.