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    Row count on generic chart

      Let me explain.  I have created a 'custom' report by loading the names of the columns that are available into a stand-alone table with a single column called FieldName.  I create a List Box for these.


      I load all of these corresponding columns from my dimension tables into a straight table.  I select 'Enable Conditional' for each of these, and then in the expression I put this:


      Index(GetFieldSelections(FieldName,',',20),'   column name   ') > 0


      Thus, only the columns that the user has selected will appear in the table.  This solves some problems for us as we can allow users to download their own data, with their own columns.


      Now the tricky part: getting the row count.  Clearly there is a way that QlikView can do this - it puts the number down in the lower right corner of the window in designer!  But that is not available in AccessPoint.  There are standard ways to count rows in normal tables, like

      Count(Aggr(1, Dim1, ....)).  Unfortunately, not all of the dimensions are displayed in this table.  I can't imagine what a nightmare it would produce to try and add conditional logic for each of the possible dimensions to that expression.


      How does QlikView get the number in the lower right corner?  Is it available to us mortals?  Or can someone come up with a row count in this scenario?

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          What are you using the row count for?


          Adding the expression =NoOfRows(Total) seems to work in the body of the chart, but not in the title. It isn't clean or elegant but if it is really important to add it will put the number of total rows on each line.



          Not that it will help in this case (for the web browser view) - but I have used macros similar to the following and added triggers to update automatically when selections are made:


          SUB updatevRowCounter

          SET object=ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("TB01")

          ActiveDocument.Variables("vRowCounter").SetContent object.GetNoOfRows, TRUE

          END SUB

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              This will only be used in the browser, so I am limited.  I do want the count in the title - it's sort of a standard for other dashboards in the company.  This one is different in that the dynamically hidden/unhidden dimensions mess up the way I have counted before.  I was hoping that someone has crossed this bridge with hidden dimensions, perhaps in another context.