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    Pivot table format change after publishing

    Tereza Gregorova

      Hi all,


      I have published my application and have just came across this problem with pivot table formatting after publishing it.

      I have set a pivot table formatting and expected the formatting to be the same after publishing…but unfortunately no.


      What did happen is:

      Original format of the pivot table:

      Dimension nameExpression 1Expression 2

      Format of the pivot table after publishing:

      Dimension nameHeader 3
      NameExpression 124
      NameExpression 230
      TotalsExpression 124
      TotalsExpression 230


      I would not have a problem with it as I know I can just simply move the columns around and achieve the Original format of the table, although I do not want my users to have to do that too…So I would appreciate any advice on how to achieve that the Original format of the pivot table will be the same after publishing the application.


      Hope this makes sense. Please let me know if you need any further clarification.