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    QMC does not open on Windows Server 2008 for some users

    Iliyan Somlev

      My problem is similar to what is discussed here,


      The message some users get is the same "Webpage cannot be displayed"


      Both my user name and these users' usernames are in the Qlikview Administrators Group and in the Administrators Group on the machine.


      However, I see the shortcut for Qlikview Management Console from Programs - all programs - Qlikview (Start Menu) and they don't.

      I open QMC without problems and they can't. IEEC is off for Administrators (even when it is off for users the problem stayed).


      I have installed QVS 11.2 SR 5 with my user but the services are running with a local system user (machine administrator)


      Can you help? These users are power users and they need access to QMC.


      Thank you