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    Change scatter chart axes points from numbers to text

      Hello QV gurus,


      I have a scatter chart that is meant to have the following fields as expressions: [% Complete] as x axis, [Area] as y axis and [$ Value] as Z/Bubble.


      The [Area] field has the following values: West, East, Central, Other. I could not get this field to work as my y-axis expression so have assigned a value to each, now using the [Rank] field in which 1 = West, 2 = East, 3 = Central, 4 = Other.


      The graph now appears as it should, though I'm not sure if I can change the [Rank] field to display the [Area] values along the y-axis? As in the below image, 4 would show 'Other', 3 would display as 'Central', etc.


      Thanks for your advice!