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    Cluster failover question

      Dear Community


      I am working at a customer where we have the problem that one very large application disturbs the performance for other smaller applications. For arguments sake lets call the large application App A and the small application App B.


      App A: size 1 GB, used by 5 users

      App B: Size 50 MB, used by 200 users


      Our idea is to set up clustered QVS machines (QVS 1 and QVS 2) where App A is loaded on QVS 1 and App B is loaded on QVS 2, so far no problems.


      Question 1: What happens if QVS 1 fails, will App A then load on QVS 2 although we have specified that App A is only loaded on QVS 1 or will App A upon not finding QVS 1 now load on QVS 2?


      Question 2: Is there any documentation where these failover scenarios are described?


      Best Regards