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    Additional "columns" with no graphical representation - text_on_axis

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have a combochart where, per dpt. (dimension), I display the percentage of people with a driving license (compared to the nr. of people categorized as drivers in that dpt.).

      => So far, that works fine.

      => Now I want, in addition to that, to display the resp. nr. of people that the percentage corresponds to.

      <=> However, I don't want a second column, that would just clutter up my chart too much.

      => I want to create these expressions with no graphical representation, but only with "text_on_axis".

      => That, too, works - in principle - but the figures are all vertically aligned and seem to be below one of the three columns I have -
           always the same.

      <=> I'd like to have each of those figures below the column it belongs to (the nr._of_people below the column representing the
             respective percentage)


      => Does anyone know a way to achieve this?


      Thanks a lot!


      Best regards,