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    Reps Sales in another Reps Area

    Peter Brunner

      Hi all,

      I need some Ideas on how to best handle or achieve and return the data which.

      I have been trying to nut out a problem I have with Reps Customer Sales in another Reps Area.

      Tables =  Customer  and  Sales  tried Join on CustomerNo and Suburbs but still not quite there


      To give you a picture e.g.:

      Rep number 102 has a Group of Customers, which have Office Addresses and the "Suburbs" of this Customers Group

      set the Reps Area or Territory Boundary. from Customer Table


      Now If any Sales Person makes a Sale into another Reps Customer Group into let say Rep 102 Area, "Suburb"  he needs to be notified about this sale in his Area from another Customer.    from Sales and Customer Table


      I have attached a test File to help explain


      any ideas will be a help


      Best Regards Peter