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    Show Year in list box (after certain date)

      Dear Community,


      I have a year list from 2010 until 2015, user requests to show data where the year is THISyear onward, with the condition if today is greater than 1-Apr.


      For example:

      If today is 31-March-2014, the year list box will show 2013, 2014 and 2015

      If today is 2-April-2014, the year list box will show 2014 and 2015 only


      This expression in listbox is not working:

      =if(Date(Today(Date), 'ddMMM') >= Date(0401, 'ddMMM') , Year)


      Anyone could help?


      Thanks and best regards,




      Original Year list box:


      but what we need is

      (if today (31-March) is lesser than 1-Apr)


      (if today (2-Apr) is greater than 1-Apr)