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    Some of my bar graph bars are offset and I cannot change them

      Hello all,


      I am using a vertical bar chart to display a Gantt chart within QlikView. I have already gotten all the data to be displayed correctly and as I want it. However, I noticed that when a large amount of projects are selected (I have vertical scroll enabled to not limit any results), some of the bars become skewed randomly. It always to appear to be the same projects which is strange. When I click on that offset bar, it is displayed fine. I have tried tweaking the bar distance and clutter distance to no avail. I included pics to better show what I am talking about.


      As you can see, the one with the * as well as others are very offset from the x-axis minor grid lines.



      However, when I clicked on the one with the * it is completely aligned on the x-axis.



      Thank you,