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    Set Analysis table that works show no data in a specific case

      Hi All,

      I have the following issue:

      I have a set analysis tables that shows the installs sum of the last week.

      My expression is:

      sum({<is7daysDate={'1'}, isYesterdayDate=> } installviewAction)


      this Usually works great, except for the following case:

      In a specific partner I have no transactions for the dates 4/4/2014, 5/4/2014

      When filtering by this partner and choosing the "is7daysDate" you see that these dates are missing from the listbox of dates.

      In this case the graph shows no data and I see "no data to display".


      Is there any way to make my graph show the dates that he does have data in?

      And show 0 installs if there is no data?


      Thank you,