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    Set Analysis Expression for previous 3 months

      Hi all,


      I want to have set analysis expression for the following scenario.

      We are now in the month of April,

      I have to show now previous 3 months (Jan, Feb, Mar) Bookings.

      when we move to May, automatically (Feb, Mar, Apr) should be displayed.

      Hardcoding (sum ({<Year={'2014'}, Month={'Jan','Feb','Mar'}[Bookings])  ) is not allowed since i am looking expression for the generation of pdf report.

      i tried the following expression

      [Date formatted]={">=$(AddMonths(YearStart($(vDate)),Month($(vDate))-4))"}* {"<=$(Date(MonthStart($(vDate))-1))"}}>}[Booking])

      but i am getting YTD, which i am not looking for..

      If i give "AddMonths(YearStart($(vDate)),Month($(vDate))-4))" in a text box I am getting Jan2014 and

      if i give "Date(MonthStart($(vDate))-1))" am getting Mar 2014, which is what i want.

      but when I combine them and give them as expression  in a pivot table as shown above, I am getting YTD

      I want to display the data from Jan 2014 to Mar 2014, since we are in April.


      Hope my query is clear.

      Kindly help me on this issue.

      Thanks in advance